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How might we create an experience that promotes a new FX show and also serves as reference for its viewers?

Brand Development & Website Design


Regency London in the 1700’s was a tumultuous time full of avarice and vice. The struggle between rich and poor, haves and have-nots caused a period of debauchery and deceit. 

In the new FX series “Taboo” starring Tom Hardy, that duplicity is brought to life in all its glory. We created ‘Uncivilized’ which documents the life and times of London in the 1700s as well as the characters that played a part in making this period historical.

During the first day of launch, the site received over 315k views.


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Shedding light in the darkness

Our inspiration stems from the social framework of both rich and poor and the interwoven thread of vice and corruption that binds them both. Because of this, we thought it'd be fitting for the site to cast an balance between the light and the dark. 

Our statement being things that are in the dark can come to light and darkness can cast shadows can cast over things in the light and corrupt them. The reader should question what's going on with the rich. And what their real motivation is.


The site walks users through the story of the aristocratic upper class, believed to be civilized yet thrived in this era of vice, greed, and corruption. And the lower class perceived to be the scourge of England who in actuality were fighting for independence from under the thumb of the aristocracy. 

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