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How can we create a premium brand for independent musicians that can compete with the majors?

Digital Branding & Interactive Marketing


The internet has made it a breeze for independent musicians to get their music out into the world. However, as many aspiring musicians will attest, putting your music out there is one thing. Getting your music heard is a different challenge. We developed the brand experience for Radial. A YouTube network where music fans can find the digital content around indie artists.

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Sealing the deal with fans and artists alike

People find out about music through influencers and sites like Pitchfork and Soundcloud. These sites and tastemakers serve as a stamp of approval for musicians. If you make it on their radar, you have a chance of fans finding your music. Radial has tons of quality artists under their umbrella. But influence means everything and Radial lacked the same authority as its competitors.

Our direction centered on creating a logo that acted as an exclusive stamp of approval. Seeing that Radial symbol meant artist is worth knowing. We extended the logo into a vibrant ad campaign featuring Radial artists.

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Blending the best of both music worlds

The challenge for us was striking a balance between the promoting artist and the brand. Both play vital roles inside of the business. With this in mind, we created Radial playlists. Curated Spotify playlist featuring Radial’s premier artists. Now, fans can discover artists and hear all the varying genres of music Radial has to offer.


Expanding brand presence in a unique way

Since its creation, Radial has already expanded into two new territories: China and Latin America. The network has amassed over 500 thousand subscribers and 800 million views.